Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So, here is my once a month post...First a few pictures from the Princess Party! Evie jumped into her little cake, well bit into her cake and really went after it. She didn't mind messy hands at all!
Okay--one from before the party in her Christmas dress.

She was showing the crowd what she got:)

We had to work to get this...she HATED the Princess tiara! That hand is on its way up to yank the tiara off again!!!

Enjoying her cake..
Finally here is one of all three kiddos. The boys usually are saying "cheeeeeese" and recently Evie has started going ahhhhhhhhh during pictures because she knows they make a sound she just isn't sure how to make their sound so she makes her own.
I just realized my "blog" is more of a picture site than anything. I just don't seem to have the time right now to get my thoughts typed or written very often. We had a wonderful Christmas day here at home. We had Christmas with Jon's family the same weekend as Evie's party. So, after the kids opened their presents, Jon's parents came by to have birthday cake for Jesus with us and then my parents and grandma came for lunch and spent the rest of the day here so the boys especially could play with their stuff (they got a huge amount of add ons for their Geo Track train set). Once Jon realized it wasn't going to physically fit on the living room floor they moved to the basement and that's where the boys spent the biggest part of the day! (Even the "Big" boys. Papa Herb came to get a yardstick to make his job of track switcher a little easier on his back:)
As I think to the New Year...I've been thinking how blessed we are and so thankful to God for His greatest Gift to us--Jesus. He's what makes this and every day of the year truly special!
"Sometimes when we're not even looking we find little treasures."