Friday, October 26, 2007

Doll Baby

Evie is just about to walk. She can stand for quite a while without holding onto anything, she just doesn't realize she could take off. She prefers to drop to her knees and must feel more safe right now. Here are some of the newest pics of her.

This is what she does if you ask her what she is doing...she shows you whatever she has!
She thinks she is big stuff and constantly trying to keep up with her brothers. That is a free standing stair case in the background that goes with our bunk beds (beds that Jon's dad built for him and his brothers when they were little. They are really neat and take a regular full size matress top and bottom.) Anyway this was the evening we put the staircase in the bedroom--Anthony is now big enough to sleep up on least his dad thinks so--I do too, but we have him totally surrounded with those gate things to keep him from falling off. He doesn't fall out of bed, but who wants to take a chance? Anyway the boys were going up and down the staircase and Evie wanted so bad to get a toe hold up on that first step that is level with her chest/waist...

Pumpkin Patch

Here are the kids before we left for the Pumpkin's nice to finally be able to get a decent picture of the three of them by myself. (I think this is because Gideon is getting a little more cooperative--although sometimes cheesy as you can see..and Evie can sit up and "hold her own" sort of.) And yes, I did plan their clothes to look like fall because I hoped to get a good picture of them sometime that day:) There they are...can you believe how much they all look alike and yet so unique?

And here we are at the Pumpkin Patch. We went with our homeschool co-op and had a lot of fun. (Listen to this co-op "make-up"...4-five year olds (hence the reason we formed our co-op), 3-three year olds, and 4 babies (all under two years old)! We plan academic stuff for the five year olds...the three year olds pretty much have a playdate...and it's "crowd control" for the babies. Here's the whole group...(plus one "extra Emma" who was along for the fun)

And a final fun one...can you believe how little boys are drawn to tractors, trucks and machines?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Still Don't Know What I'm Doing

Okay, here are the pictures that I tried to put into my last post, but it kept throwing them all the way at the top of the post instead of inserting them where I wanted them!!!!??????????
Can you tell they get tired of pictures sometimes? They will love me someday. In fact, we just moved a bunch of our movies downstairs and we found all of our home videos we have taped to this point (we decided maybe a machine to convert them from VHS to DVD would be an appropriate family Christmas gift this year)--Anyway, Jon put one in the VCR and Gideon is totally taken with watching himself when he was a baby. It's like he really finally gets it that he used to be just like Evie. He has asked to watch "his" video several times since then! It's so fun to watch. No matter how hard I try to remember every thing and every little detail it's hard without something to remind me. (When I was pregnant with Anthony and asking my mom and my mother-in-law questions about kids and being pregnant etc. I remember wondering how in the world they couldn't remember things...five years later I TOTALLY understand! Sorry Mom and Wanda! I really didn't know, now I do:)

Our Everyday Life...

Nothing super exciting to report this week. I did not plan this picture or color coordinate it, it just happened. The boys were getting in bed and we were doing our nightly devotions/prayers. We usually spend a little time just having fun too. How can these beautiful blessings from God be so big already? It happens one day at a time right under my nose, and I don't even realize it's going by so incredibly fast! I just got the pictures off of our camera and onto the computer and this is one of the most recent. Aside from Anthony's "cheesy" smile, I thought it was great.

Below are a couple of pictures of the boys during school time. Gideon comes and goes, but this particular day he was enjoying the activity with us. (I'll have to post a picture of Evie in her pack and play:) Sometime I'll have to post a picture that I'm actually in--you know, those that don't happen very often because I'm usually the one taking the picture.

Well-Jon stepped into a hole in the backyard earlier this evening (he isn't sure whether it was little-boy-made or golden-lab-made since they all seem to love digging in the dirt) and he is now nursing a very spranged ankle, so I guess I need to get things finished up and try to see what I can do to help him out. I'm afraid he may "get" to spend the day home with us tomorrow!
"Sometimes when we're not even looking we find little treasures."