Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer Fun

Evie thinks this is "her" spot. She just wants to stand or sit on the top of the ladder most of the time. She totally blocks anyone trying to use the ladder which is a huge frustration to her brothers who love to jump off, swim around and climb up, jump off, swim around and climb up, jump get the idea. (There are almost no dry places on the boat!)
Our three good lookin' guys enjoying the water!
Why we love the lake at the end of the day!
Every time Josh, Jen and Faith joined us Jennifer was constantly trying to "tie"Faith's towel on for her...the last trip Jennifer had the great idea of just bringing her robe for the day!
Finally, the "brave" Littlejohns on the cliffs. This one isn't focused real well, but it is the one that has every brave soul in it!
The pictures span several trips over the summer and we camped a couple of times...lots of fun!!!
I've run out of time or I would have posted more pics--maybe more will follow later.

"Sometimes when we're not even looking we find little treasures."