Monday, December 29, 2008

Can you figure out my shirt?

So, it's been a while since I've posted and many things have happened. We celebrated Evie's 2nd Birthday with a party on Sunday Dec. 22nd. It was the perfect opportunity to share our "news" with our families, since everyone except Lance and Naomi were able to be there. We made Evie this shirt and took her sweater off when it was time to eat cake. We just waited to see how long it took someone to notice and figure out what "I'm the BIG Sister Birthday Girl!" meant...yes, we are expecting blessing #4 in August. I am praying for a little sister for Evie. She plays great, but sometimes I'm a little sad that the boys have each other and go off and play and she doesn't have a buddy. (Other than me--we do girl stuff:) The boys are excited and we actually told them before all of the family and they kept it quiet all weekend prior to the party. We were super proud of them. That's one of Evie's cousins, Payton, in the picture with her. She a sweetie pie too! Well--it is sooooo incredibly late...there are always more stories and pictures I just don't seem to have time to share them all. I'll try to post again soon. (Can you believe Evie's hair??? I don't know what we're going to do with it. Aunt Susie there in the background has curly, curly hair naturally so she will definately have to give us some tips!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Picture

It's been a while since we've had a family picture taken together. My sister and her husband snapped this one for us at a wedding we were at recently...well Jon was in the wedding--he doesn't just wear a tuxedo every day you know :) Evie is such a ham and the boys are still at that stage where they paste on a smile and just want the picture done. Maybe this will be our annual "Christmas Card" picture. Maybe not--the kids grow and change so much even in just two months. There isn't a whole lot happening around our house. Jon and I have gotten to go on several date nights lately. (We have worked out a rotation with another couple and we have the luxury of grandparents right here in town too. We are spoiled that way.) Back to the date nights...we went to see the movie Fireproof last week. It was a great, great movie! Really "real life" in some parts, and good to remind us what marriage is all about. I would tell anyone who is married or thinks they might ever be married or has a married family member to go see it...basically it's great for everyone! That's just my opinion. I hope they make a sound track the music was great too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer Fun

Evie thinks this is "her" spot. She just wants to stand or sit on the top of the ladder most of the time. She totally blocks anyone trying to use the ladder which is a huge frustration to her brothers who love to jump off, swim around and climb up, jump off, swim around and climb up, jump get the idea. (There are almost no dry places on the boat!)
Our three good lookin' guys enjoying the water!
Why we love the lake at the end of the day!
Every time Josh, Jen and Faith joined us Jennifer was constantly trying to "tie"Faith's towel on for her...the last trip Jennifer had the great idea of just bringing her robe for the day!
Finally, the "brave" Littlejohns on the cliffs. This one isn't focused real well, but it is the one that has every brave soul in it!
The pictures span several trips over the summer and we camped a couple of times...lots of fun!!!
I've run out of time or I would have posted more pics--maybe more will follow later.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So these are the things that go on around here...I have no idea why the rug I threw by the door (that matches nothing in the house) is on the couch!?????
Evie has taken to purses lately. Now we have to have one with us everywhere we go. She actually broke the strap off of this one shortly after the picture was taken, so now she is lugging around one of my old purses. It is usually full of cars and little things like her empty bubble container. Summer is winding down and we are gearing up to start school in a couple of weeks. We are hoping to camp and spend Saturday at the lake...the weather doesn't look like it is going to cooperate...I know I keep promising pictures of the kids enjoying the lake...I really, really will get some on here. The computer I am using doesn't have any of the lake on it. I'm sure we will have some more after the weekend.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cake, cake and more cake

This is a picture of the wedding cake another "cake lady" and myself created for a wedding last Saturday. When I was approached to make it, I quickly declined when they told me there were going to be 200-250 guests. I mentioned it to someone and they suggested I ask Susie to help me. Her daughter is getting married later this year and wants a fondant wedding cake. I had the fondant experience and Susie had the years and years of wedding cake experience. It worked out very nicely and we actually had a lot of fun. (Well, I did get tired of cooking wedding are looking at 14 cake mixes, 12 pounds of powdered sugar and a can and a half of crisco...and that's just a few of the ingredients on the list.) Susie put the edge around the bottom of each layer on and I really, really think that just "made" the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall it was a really great experience. Below is the groom's cake they requested(so there would for sure be enough cake-Jon made the cake board for us and it measured 22 inches by 30 inces to give you an idea of how monstrous it was) and below that I'm going to put a picture of some birthday cakes I made for some twins a few weeks ago. On a different note...the kids are having a great summer and the pontoon boat is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! We've had it to the lake both weekends since we got it. I think we are going to take a rest this weekend. I'll post some pictures of the kiddos in a few days--we have some recent ones that are really fun.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Fun Comin' Up

So here is our latest adventure. I was on my way down to our doctor in Mt. Home Arkansas last week and saw this pontoon boat. We have talked for several years about the fact that maybe a pontoon boat would work well for us (with the kids) and for having more space to able to take our families and friends along to the lake. Anyway--I called the number, we went and looked Saturday and it was such an amazing deal. We prayed about it--we even talked with the kids and prayed as a family that God would guide us in this decision. We explained that maybe there was something else God would want us to spend our money on instead of this boat. (Anthony "got it" and prayed that God would help us know...Gideon's prayer went like this..."God, please help us get the boat!") He's three--almost four--at least he got it that it was something to be prayed about. We are really trying to get to that point as a family...EVERYTHING is something to consult with God about...if He is really, really going to be in the driver's seat of our life and our family. Anyway, we can't wait to get it down to the lake and try it out. We already have the boys' birthday party planned for Saturday evening, so it may be Sunday afternoon or next weekend before the maiden voyage!

Monday, June 23, 2008

God's Goodness

Jon and I attended a marriage retreat in Branson this weekend. It was led by Travis Plumlee--who is truly a man of God, totally yielded to and led by the Holy Spirit. It was so refreshing and fun and we are so thankful for the things God is continuing to teach us and use to grow us to be more like His Son. We literally got back just few hours ago and went out to my parents house to pick up the kids. Anthony, Gideon and Evie have had a total blast there this weekend. It is so nice that we have a place where they can play and run and really get to experience the country the way Jon and I both did growing up. Anyway--we ate dinner out on my parents' deck and Anthony got done and asked to be excused to go get in a few more minutes of play before we had to leave. My dad joked with me on the phone that the boys were so low maintenance...he has a dirt pile in the yard from some ground work he has been doing, and he told me he gave them two shovels and they have been happy as clams, digging and playing all weekend. Of course Anthony headed right back to the dirt pile where he and Gideon had been just 20-30 minutes before. All of a sudden he let out a yell/scream I have never heard out of him at the same moment that he hurled the shovel he had been hitting on the ground and came running and crying to the deck faster than I have ever seen the child move. The only thing was he was crying but not making any noise--totally freaked out. I thought he had been stung by something and he finally got out that there was a brown snake. Jon and my Dad headed for the dirt pile where Anthony had been and my Dad almost stepped on a copperhead right there on top of that pile of dirt. At this point my dad calls back to me that I should check Anthony to make sure he doesn't have a bite on him and I flipped out. I kept asking him louder and louder if it bit him or just scared the point Jon yelled at me to calm down and quit asking...that he would know if he was bit or not. At this point I start to cry and just have to back away because I don't want Anthony to see me crying and upset. My dad at this point has already chopped the snakes head off (rather forcefully--I told Jon he just was releasing his emotions a different way than me). Anyway--everyone got calmed down and Jon told me he didn't mean to yell etc. I still felt like I was going to throw up...I kept thinking how many times I let the boys out there to play when it is just me out there working, how many times they go crawling up the pile on their hands and knees, sit on it, etc. At this point Jon reminded me that just today as the marriage retreat was ending we spent a considerable amount of time as a group praying, each couple praying for our different individual families and needs and Jon said "we spent time today praying specifically and powerfully for God to protect all three of our children and He just answered our prayer with Anthony!" Ahhhh God, thank you for this man. He is so calm and so quiet sometimes, but so solidly grounded in You and Your truths. Our children are God's. He will always be watching out for them and working His perfect will. Although it would be tempting for me to want to never let my kids out in the country again...that's not going to happen. It's not my parents fault there was a snake...that is just part of the outdoors. There are many dangers out there, we just have to do the best we can to protect our kids and and keep them safe while at the same time trusting God completely. (I'm still learning in that area! I don't know if I'll ever have a snake encounter that doesn't leave me feeling like I want to throw up!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Fun!

Here's a clip of Gideon batting Tuesday night. Anthony is there on the left getting ready to bat.

I wasn't sure Anthony was going to get situated before the camera quit recording!

This is Evie's first official fishing trip with her Papa. It was so funny she wouldn't let him help her with her Tigger pole and he knew she had this little fish on it. She kept yelling "I fish!" and waving it around wildly any time anyone tried to help her. Finally we got the fish in and Dad started to hold it up for her for a picture and she said, "I pet!" (She also was petting the was hilarious--especially since her brothers don't really like to touch the worms!)

Finally, more news on the tadpoles...If you look very close at this picture the one right in the middle has four tiny legs and a tail. Over night his tail was gone and there he is...a frog in the bottom picture. I should have put something in the picture for size comparison...he isn't even as big as my little finger nail! It was amazing that he changed from the first picture to the second in a 24-48 hour period of time! Our friend Arta (who is from Albania and said she had no idea tadpoles are where frogs came from...) ask me if I was supporting Darwin's Theory of Evolution...I told her "Nope--just God's amazing design!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We've had lots of fun with this, but like I said in my last post...Jon is ready to have the amphibians off of the kitchen table!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Princess Evie and "Princess Daddy"

Doesn't this look fun? Evie and Daddy were playing and she thought he needed a "hat" too. "Hat" is her word for anything that goes on her head. It has been a while since I've had time to post. We have hosted a huge one day yard sale here at our house, made a trip to Oklahoma to visit some of Jon's family, officially finished school and I don't know what else all in the last month. Whewww! We are trying to slow down and settle into a summer routine of sorts. The boys start playing T-Ball this week (Jon is coaching their team) so I will try to get pictures of them on here soon. Let's see there's always lots of exciting things going on around here. Our most recent "project" is raising tadpoles into frogs. (Jon says we could actually put our food on the kitchen table, but we have to fill our plates at the stove because of our "centerpiece") It's just an aquarium full of tadpoles:) I got about 40-50 because I didn't think they would all live, but so far we have not even lost one. We are really enjoying watching them. We have had them for four weeks now, and supposedly it takes 6-8 for the magic to anytime would be great. All they have done so far is eat, get bigger and make their water dirty. (An interesting side note--we got online to find out what to feed them and they love boiled lettuce. Apparently it has the same proteins or whatever they need that algae has in it.) Like I said, always exciting here. We raised butterflies one time--my sister bought Anthony the butterfly garden with a coupon to send off for the caterpillars. Those caterpillars came, (nearly died because the mailman left them on the mailbox in 90 degree heat) made cocoons, hatched, mated and laid eggs before we got them released When I started to clean out the butterfly garden I realized there were tiny eggs. I kept a bunch, they hatched and we had three 2nd generation butterflies!!!!!!!!!! (I won't tell you how much we spent buying plants for the second group to eat, because they didn't hatch with food!) My sister also bought the boys an ant farm...hey, I'm seeing a pattern--Naomi buys all of these "involved" projects. Just kidding--she and I are just alike--we love this kind of stuff. The tadpoles were all my doing and speaking of tadpoles again...they do need their water changed and that is next on my list. More from the Littlejohn Casa later:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still Bleeding

I'm sure this is gross to some people, but it's a big moment when you loose your very first tooth! He was so brave and so proud when it was done. (His cousin Faith, who is 9 months younger than him, was mad just after this picture was taken because Anthony wouldn't pull or show her how to pull one of her teeth out! Luckily one of the adults around overhead this and intervened.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Lost" Tooth

So this past weekend we were all over at Jon's parents just relaxing outside and enjoying the weather, when Anthony comes around the house and informs me he can't eat anymore of his apple because his tooth was coming out. Sure enough right there on the bottom left--his little tooth was barely haning on. We assured him it was ready to come out and all it needed was a little tug. After much coaxing and encouraging from all of us he got it out...he did it all by himself and didn't want anyone touching or helping...even Aunt Susie who works in a dental office!:)

So losing your first baby tooth is a big deal right? The kid made out like a bandit before we ever got home! With all the aunts, uncles and grandma and papa. So that was all great now here is where the story gets interesting and eventually down right funny. We quickly put it in an envelope to keep it safe and it was safe all afternoon. However Sunday evening my parents came by and I do not know what possessed me to let Anthony take the tooth out of the envelope and hold it in his hand, but not twenty seconds after I said, "don't drop that or we will never find it out here in the YARD! (what was I thinking?) he dropped it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We immediately began to search and I continued to search way past my parents and Jon had to give up. I searched with a drop light until 9:30 and then I was back out there Monday morning. Needless to say we have a very bare spot with no grass right in front of our porch. I finally gave up and we decided to put a "substitute" tooth in an envelope. Anthony had us write "Dear Toothfairy, Sorry about my's somewhere in the front yard." Anthony already asked us straightout about the toothfairy and we couldn't lie, but he still thought it would be cool to pretend. The "Toothfairy" wrote back..."Dear Anthony, I'll let it slide this time. Be more careful next time. Congratulations!" Anthony had a dollar under his pillow...I of couse saved both envelopes for the baby book and we were on to other things. Then, today WEDNESDAY--I got out of the van and just thought I would walk over and take a look now that it has rained, and Jon has mowed and used the weedeater in front of the porch. Would you believe I bent over and picked up that tooth right off the top of the ground! No kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know why God's timing involved me waiting three days to find that thing, but He knew right where it was all the time!

Here's a picture of Anthony right after "the extraction" (Sorry about that...that picture is on Jack and Wanda's camera...I'll have to get it and post it later) and also a picture of a wedding cake I did this past weekend. Not too shabby for an amateur. I was pleased when it was all done.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here's a picture of us from Easter Sunday. The more of us there are the harder it seems to get a picture. I'm not sure why Gideon wouldn't smile--he has a gut laugh that would make anyone smile--and I don't know what Evie is doing either. It looks like she is hiking part of her dress up. Life is always lively and full around here. We truly don't feel worthy of the many blessings we experience everyday. Let me quickly share one recent blessing. We have not really put any emphasis on Easter Egg hunts ever. We have just tried to really stress the real meaning of Easter. We aren't anti-Easter Egg hunt though--so this year I thought I would take the kids to one on Saturday. With the weather the way it has been this winter we have had to really watch our spending because we have missed quite a few days of work. Anyway--I decided I would go ahead and buy three of those cheap ice cream bucket type Easter baskets Wal-Mart has. (They are a whole whoppin' $1.00, but they REALLY weren't a necessity. ) My Aunt came to visit last week and she came by on Friday with something for our kiddos...guess what? That's right Easter Baskets... and nice Hallmark Easter buckets that are tin and decorated and will last for many years. So, do you think it was coincidence or is God concerned even with the little things of life that I often treat as too small for Him to be bothered with? I'm afraid I often overlook these "little" everyday blessings from him!

Here is some of what else has been going on lately. We decided to throw a surprise 60th birthday party for Jon's mom, in Februay. I enjoy making cakes, but wanted to do something special for the occasion. After a little research, I decided to try my hand at fondant. This was the first cake we (I say we because somehow Jon got right into it with me) made. This was a practice run. The next week we made another one for practice for a baby shower for twins.
As I already said, Jon really got into this stuff. It's kind of like playdough for adults. Anyway, he decided we needed to do something with a bow, so he is really the one who made the bow happen. (He had out his tape measure and everything.) We were pretty pleased with ourselves when it was all done. Here are the finished cakes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here we are having some snow fun. This wasn't last week's ice,
but the snow from a few weeks ago. When Evie falls down in
that snowsuit, even inside, she can't get back up. It makes her very irritated.

Here is Evie doing her favorite past time. She will stand on the step stool and brush her teeth forever!!!! She is learning not to throw a fit when it is finally time to put the toothbrush away.
"Sometimes when we're not even looking we find little treasures."