Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Battle of the Bands

Sorry about so many you think we have a chance at the contest? The boys had this great idea and were doing their own thing when I added Evie to the picture with her times:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

William Tell Overture for Moms

My friend Nicole e-mailed this link to me. I sat here and laughed and laughed...this basically sums up my life:) If you have a minute (actuallly about three) it will probably make you laugh too. There is probably a way to put a video on this blog, but I have no idea how..or time to figure it out.

This is great!!! I had to share it ! Ohhhhhhhhh, sooo much truth, in about 3 minutes!!! ;) Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can we get a saddle???

New Addition

No, not another baby:) Here is the newest member of our family. His name is Jack and we aren't sure how old he is, but we're pretty sure still somewhat puppy because he likes to chew things! (Our apologies to Jon's dad...he came with the name Jack on his collar.) Our neighbor does some kind of work with rental properties and this dog was abandoned. He is sooo well behaved. He sits when told, comes when you call him, and doesn't jump on the kids. I knew I was eventually going to have to give in to a dog and he seemed like a good choice. This was after several weeks of the neighbor trying to get him reunited with his owners. They just didn't want him and I can't understand that because someone has obviously spent a lot of time with him. We are working on the chewing thing and trying to get him to understand the concept of walking on a leash without tugging on our arms. The boys adore him and he seems to really enjoy them too. He and Evie like to check each other out through the patio doors. We have had him about a month and it seems to be working (once the boys finally figured out that they can't leave toys in the yard.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here we go...

Okay Jennifer and Tara--I've created it, now if I can just keep it up to date!

To anyone else reading sister-in-laws finally talked me into blogging. Everyone knows there are days go by that I don't even get my computer turned on, and I'm probably the only one in the family who doesn't check their e-mail at least once a day. Why, you ask? Do I hate computers? The answer is no, I love's just that as our address says, it's a bit of a circus around here. A "three-ring" circus to be exact...their names are Anthony, Gideon and Evie. I figure a lot of this blog will end up being about them, so I might as well name it appropriately. Jon and I jokingly call it a circus, because life is almost always crazy and someone is usually having a crisis at any given moment, but we love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Anthony is five and has just started Kindergarten (here at home). This is our newest adventure and so far we are loving it too. Gideon is three and thinks he is five. He is right there with Anthony, learning some of the kindergarten stuff. However, he is still three and sometimes prefers Caillou or the backyard to the classroom scene. Evie is almost 9 months old and such a doll. She is really a very good natured baby and makes the homeschooling thing pretty easy. She has her pack and play right under the dry erase who knows she may be the baby genius of the bunch. (Not that the boys weren't super smart:)
"Sometimes when we're not even looking we find little treasures."