Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here's a picture of us from Easter Sunday. The more of us there are the harder it seems to get a picture. I'm not sure why Gideon wouldn't smile--he has a gut laugh that would make anyone smile--and I don't know what Evie is doing either. It looks like she is hiking part of her dress up. Life is always lively and full around here. We truly don't feel worthy of the many blessings we experience everyday. Let me quickly share one recent blessing. We have not really put any emphasis on Easter Egg hunts ever. We have just tried to really stress the real meaning of Easter. We aren't anti-Easter Egg hunt though--so this year I thought I would take the kids to one on Saturday. With the weather the way it has been this winter we have had to really watch our spending because we have missed quite a few days of work. Anyway--I decided I would go ahead and buy three of those cheap ice cream bucket type Easter baskets Wal-Mart has. (They are a whole whoppin' $1.00, but they REALLY weren't a necessity. ) My Aunt came to visit last week and she came by on Friday with something for our kiddos...guess what? That's right Easter Baskets... and nice Hallmark Easter buckets that are tin and decorated and will last for many years. So, do you think it was coincidence or is God concerned even with the little things of life that I often treat as too small for Him to be bothered with? I'm afraid I often overlook these "little" everyday blessings from him!

Here is some of what else has been going on lately. We decided to throw a surprise 60th birthday party for Jon's mom, in Februay. I enjoy making cakes, but wanted to do something special for the occasion. After a little research, I decided to try my hand at fondant. This was the first cake we (I say we because somehow Jon got right into it with me) made. This was a practice run. The next week we made another one for practice for a baby shower for twins.
As I already said, Jon really got into this stuff. It's kind of like playdough for adults. Anyway, he decided we needed to do something with a bow, so he is really the one who made the bow happen. (He had out his tape measure and everything.) We were pretty pleased with ourselves when it was all done. Here are the finished cakes.

"Sometimes when we're not even looking we find little treasures."